Protect your home from burglary this winter

Protect your home from burglary this winter

Throughout the winter months, crime rates are elevated and the chances of being broken into dramatically increases. Criminals take advantage of the darkness to increase their activity and target homes, cars and businesses.

To ensure you don’t fall victim to a burglary this winter, it is important you act now. By taking extra steps to protect your premises, you can deter criminals and keep your valuables safe.

Installing an intruder alarm is one of the most effective ways to deter potential burglars, as a criminal is always looking for an easy target and they will always favour a house without an alarm over one that does have an alarm.

An intruder alarm is not only an effective deterrent, but property owners may also see a reduction in their insurance premiums. Prevention is far better than detection.

Police force figures suggest that burglaries increase by as much as 26% throughout the winter months, so always take some time to secure your property before leaving the premises.

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