Don’t make yourself an easy target

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Making sure your home and property is secure is a mixture of common sense and knowledge. You do not need to turn your home into a fortress to protect yourself and your property. A few simple precautions can be enough to deter most potential thieves.

A common method of entry for a burglar is via a back door or window, so securing the access to the rear of your home is particularly important.

The boundaries to a rear garden are your first line of defence. Imagine if you were attempting to gain entry to the rear of your home, where would be the best place for you to do it? Where are the weak points for a thief to gain access to your garden?

Remember to lock your doors, even when you are in your house. It takes only a minute or two to lose your property. More than half of burglaries happen when people are at home.

A lot of burglaries are committed by “fishing” for car keys etc. left in reach of the letter box or cat flap.

Don’t open the door to unexpected callers, particular important for the more elderly and vulnerable.

Many burglaries occur by climbing through an open window. This occurs more often during the summer months, when the occupier is enjoying the sun in the back garden and the thief pops in through the front.

Any window that you can put your head through, when open, should have a lock fitted. Fitting limiters to windows you may wish to open for ventilation prevents uninvited visitors.

If you have been working in your garden ensure that you lock away tools such as spades or forks when you’re finished. Tools left out overnight could be used by an intruder to gain access to your property.