Christmas sees an increase in burglaries – here’s how to protect yourself.

As Christmas approaches we begin to an increase in burglaries. Make sure you and your loved ones are protected.

This time of year sees a spike in thefts and break-ins, as thieves know that valuable gifts may be under the tree, and that people are also likely to be away from home.

Hide presents – make sure criminals can’t see them through your windows and doors. Don’t openly display your Christmas tree and gifts in the front window so it’s easily visible from the street.

Be careful what you post on social media – don’t post that you’ll be away on holiday or visiting relatives over the festive period. The same goes for posting how excited you are about expensive gifts, which could help thieves start a shopping list.

Hide packaging – when you take the bins out, make sure all packaging from expensive gifts is ripped up and buried under the rest of the rubbish, so criminals can’t easily see what you might have in the house.